Nice to virtually meet you! I'm Morgan, Balanced Life Stylist and founder of Boss Womyn. A Boss Womyn is someone who lives her life unapologetically, and according to her preferences. As a Life Stylist, I educate on how to design a life that's satisfying and meaningful to the only person that matters: you, darling. 

I've created my own lifestyle of sustainable wellness that fits me like a glove. Just like we all have our own gloves, we all need our own lifestyles.

To assist you in designing that lifestyle, I'll share recipes for success, tales of curating my own life, how-tos on balance and being present, and stories of women who dared to spend time on themselves while pursuing their dreams.

Thank you so much for being part of this community! If you'd like to be more involved, check out @BossWomyn on Instagram.